Friday, July 31, 2009


Trampoline sent Amanda to BlogHer 2009 in Chicago. For those of you unfamiliar with BlogHer, just click the picture to the left and visit the site. Or just call anyone who was at the Sheraton on River Street as 1,500 texting, micro-blogging, social media-loving women commandeered every available outlet, seat and cranny of space and companies like Ford, Crocs, Nikon, Tide and Tim Gunn, PepsiCo and more courted them as sponsors.

Our objective was twofold, continue our immersion into the blogging and twittering realm and have another face-to-face confab with Leslie, our coding-ace from Catapult.

Snapping riverside glamour shots with Carson Kressley was not anything we expected, but as the show is called Look Good in Pictures, we'll assume that since they uploaded the shot Carson gave it the a-ok. #ApprovalAtLongLast

After the glitz and glamour of Carson and blogebrities like The Bloggess, the morning keynote had literary heavyweights Tina Brown of The Daily Beast, Ilene Chaiken creator of Showtime's The L Word and Donna Byrd of The Root. The discussion ranged from product endorsements— Subaru was the first company who said "yes" to The L Word, and how racy is too racy— Brown lamented that it is a reality that saucy pictures get the greatest hits, and Byrd spoke about the Professor Gates incident (pre-Beer Summit).

Chicago was a beautiful host city, with the grandeur of the Loop's Millennium Park and the magic of the Grant Park shell. Even caught repeated glimpses of one of our clients.

The 2008 BlogHer was equally impressive in the surprisingly chilly in the summer (should've paid more attention Mr. Twain*) San Francisco.

So for as beautiful as Chicago and San Francisco both were, we're pretty excited that in 2010 BlogHer will be setting up camp in Gotham City.

*Mark Twain: The coldest summer I ever spent was a winter in San Francisco.


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