Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad*

Opinions on social media are a dime a dozen, and it would seem that the passion of the people who love social media is evenly matched by the zeal of the naysayers.

Social media isn't the silver bullet, nor is it the devil. It is simply a tool that you can use. There are organizations that seem better suited to it, whether for the audience they are trying to reach, the staff they have to devote to it or simply their desire to participate.

We are quick to offer that the results will be gradual and the time commitment significant. Can you think of anything that isn't? Maybe those little bath capsules that turn into sponges, that happens quick and with little effort, but the satisfaction, pretty short lived.

It really boils down to this— knowing who you are and what you are and reaching out to people. Doesn't have to be thousands of people. Far better to talk to ten listening people than shout into a crowd of a thousand who aren't.

We're lucky to have a vibrant community right here in the Adirondacks, whether it's looking north to these folks, or south to these folks. Anyone can participate in social media, it starts with hello, continues with listening and eventually blossoms into a conversation.

Let's get started. My name is Amanda @DesignTramp, what's yours?

*Did we mention our hold music is chock full of '80s goodness?



amymengel said...

Hi Amanda! Excited to meet you and some of the "Northern crew" at Social Media Breakfast in August.

GIANTS FAN said...

This is a funny humor blog that you have here. I have one myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know what you think.