Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Time for a mid-year sit-down. Three websites are going live in the next week, an annual report press check just completed this morning, a pending rebrand launch, not to mention 3 new blogs have kept us busy. We'll be setting up camp at a little known place some of like to call home.

Fresh salsa.


And time.

Here's to setting off for a summer with fresh ideas, hot creative and satisfying work. Thanks to our wonderful clients for a great first half of the year. We look forward to shaping what the next 6 months hold.



Myshka said...

Well done, Tramp. But more importantly, you need to start selling some of that amazing-looking salsa. (cue ravenous pregnant lady kicking down the door).

cas:ev said...

Cheers! On my way to Davidsons right now to enjoy a Dacker and some vodka penne!

cas:ev said...

No Penne a la Vodka on the menu anymore? Bummer. Got the Black Bean Burger instead. Very fresh, indeed.