Monday, October 6, 2008

Social Media: X-Country to Hometown

For the most part, we Design Tramps are from the northeast, the lone exception being Amanda, a pacific northwesterner. It was through Amanda's hometown roots in Yakima, Washington that Trampoline came to work with the Memorial Foundation and, more specifically, the Children's Village.

Children's Village, recently having celebrated its tenth anniversary, is in the midst of a capital campaign. Trampoline has been working behind the scenes with the incredible team at the Village to create copy that helps bring to life on paper and monitors, the kind of magic that is made possible through the donations they receive and via the exceptional care that is administered within the inspirationally designed walls of the Village. (Bejeweled mine-shaft elevator, anyone?)

Another piece of this gratifying project is the collaborative exploration of social media as we offer consulting on how best to harness the potential in this arena. The staff of the Memorial Foundation and Children's Village, ever-willing to go the extra mile for their mission, are diving head first into social media, from Twittering and blogging, to Alltop and (soon) Facebook. Accompanying them as they tackle this new frontier with the same passion and intensity as the Village is both an honor and an inspiration.

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Myshka said...

HEY. Are you kidding? I already sent in my ballot. If I could've sent 10 I would've. This is gonna be one interesting battle. By the way, on a side note, I was thinking you should get a tshirt for the little ones that say "little tramp". that would be funny. xo