Monday, October 27, 2008

Client to Trampoline: "You'll never Illustrate Textbooks."

Well, maybe he's right.

We couldn't seem to cram enough greenery into the above graphic, designed to illustrate how upland development can impact water quality.

"We need more trees in there" said Peter Bauer, Executive Director of the Fund for Lake George. "Rocks, shrubs, bushes—fill it up."

"Sure, we can do that" I answered, secretly wondering what constitutes a bush, and how a shrub was any different.

Peter was right. As usual. Populating stream banks with trees, undergrowth and boulders helps to filter out harmful nutrients that exist in storm water runoff.


Given the choice of categorizing John McCain as a bush or a shrub, I'd definitely say he resembles a Bush.


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Amanda said...

Leaves me stumped.