Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3,000 Square Miles? Really?

We got a call from one of our favorite print reps this week.

He was knee deep in prepress on a year-end awareness piece Trampoline recently finished for Glens Falls Hospital (pictured above and below), and, like all good print reps, he has sharp eyes.

"I think I've spotted a mistake on your Hospital brochure" he said.
"Bummer" I sighed. It happens.
"It says that they service 3,000 square miles. That can't be right."
"Phew. Nope, that's not a mistake." Sweet relief.
"Really? 3,000 square miles? That's a big footprint."

He's right. That's a lot of ground to cover.

Of course, this was the whole idea behind this piece. An opportunity to state clearly all that our hospital has to offer, and celebrate that we live in an area where the latest medical advances are right here—helping to save lives.

In spite of the fact that the Hospital towers over downtown Glens Falls, many in the community are unaware of all it has to offer, and the number of people who benefit from the services provided and programs offered. We're doing what we can to let folks know.


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Myshka said...

Hang on a second. Is that your little one? I KNOW that there is not another face as adorable as that on the planet, so it HAS to be her. You are so lucky. xo