Monday, July 14, 2008

Extra! Extra!

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There's an old adage in the entertainment industry: Never work with children, or animals.

Everybody knows that.

So we thought that Raeanne's husband John Yost was a little nuts when he put out a call for extras to populate a "dog walking scene" in his new film The Brave and the Kind. He told us to bring the kids down, so we did. Not long after we arrived on the Skidmore campus—where the shot took place—John, Raeanne and their entire crew caravanned in, descending on the site in a mass of cameras, microphones, and deep-tinted sunglasses. Introductions were made, equipment was balanced, and complimentary beverages were served.

It was thrilling to be a part of. Especially if you're 4 years old. We tried coaching the girls to not look into the camera, but come on. It was way too cool not to gawk. The girls love new experiences, and they're fond of John and Rae, so it was the perfect Sunday activity.

Avery gets a look at the steadycam.

Raeanne chats with a producer from indiepix.

John directs his four-legged talent, and admits to being dog-tired as the crew wraps a full week of shooting.


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