Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ready for her close-up.

We spent the better part of the week up at the Sagamore.

New York's Resort was being photographed by Mr. James McEntee, in a long-discussed and eagerly awaited three day circus of activity. The talent arrived from New York City by train, seamstresses and stylists schlepped in wardrobe and make-up, and the hotel staff looked on, incredulous, but impressed.

We started well before dawn on Tuesday, when a bleary-eyed but excited Jaclyn Britz took the reigns and paved the way from shot to shot—and there was plenty to troubleshoot. Chase boats, boom-lifts, ladders and meals needed moving and positioning around a full house of guests expecting a relaxing time at their favorite spot on Lake George.

On Wednesday Amy showed up with her nephew Will who filled out the brother-sister talent duos of Ben & Julia Slayton and Huntley & Elizabeth Rosa for the Tee-Pee club shot on the front lawn. And from there the crew progressed to the Pavilion, and then out onto the Lake for some sailing and kayaking.

All in all, not a bad day at the office, no?

James sets up the sunrise shot in the Veranda with the wardrobe supervisor.

By 8:30 am the crew was aboard the Morgan. Ben Slayton gave us a big smile, despite having to wear argyle.

McEntee jumped ship into the chase boat for a hero shot of the Morgan in front of Green Island.

James shouts at the models. Everyone smiles. Except the models.

Our man James will go to any length to get a shot. Here he dons a fisherman's rig to get our dock jumping photos. "C'mon in!" said James, "The water's fine!"

Rosa's face told a different story.

Me photographing Derek photographing James photographing the kids. There was a lot of this kind of thing going on throughout the day.

While James bobs in the lake, Frank positions reflectors and attaches radio slaves.

Julia, Ben and Elizabeth leap into Lake George for the quintessential summer fun shot.

After the swimming it was time for lunch, and then another setup.