Wednesday, July 16, 2008

True story:

So we're up on-property for this gigantic photo-shoot, a 3-day affair at the Sagamore. Mid-afternoon on day one, the shot is in Trillium, the resort's flagship restaurant. A while back, Trampoline worked with the executive committee up at the hotel to reposition Trillium, in order to make the spectacular dining room feel a little more inviting.

Between shots, while the photographer's assistants were repositioning and light-metering, I sidled up to the head waiter, who was looking on with interest. I asked what time they opened, nervous that the afternoon was slipping away.

"Six" he replied. Plenty of time.

Always curious about the effect of design on business, I asked if they'd been busy this summer.

"Yes" he replied. Apparently not a man of many words.

"So," I pressed, "I mean, busier than in the past? See, our company designed the new mark and message for Trillium, and I'm curious if the image and the ads are working."

"Eric Cartman?" He asked.

Now I'm lost. "Um, huh?"

"Eric Cartman!" he blurted. "Y'know, from South Park. Hey Bill," he elbows the barkeep, "this guy here did Cartman."

The bartender guffaws and keeps wiping glasses. Obviously there's an inside joke, and I'm pretty sure I'm the butt of it. As the photo shoot resumes, the headwaiter grabs a menu and explains himself.

"The logo looks just like Cartman when you turn it like this." he said, animated. "I even drew little arms and legs on him once."

A minute ago I couldn't get this man to string two words together and now he won't shut up.

I dunno dude. That looks like a stretch to me. What do you think?



Amanda said...

It *was* better than the Beavis version you did, though I did think the Stewie version had potential.

liv said...

i dunno. from the bottom, he sort of looks more like mr. hanky, the christmas poo.

Heather said...

Well, I don't know if it looks exactly like Cartman, but I do see a resemblance. And I find it quite funny.

I can see Liv's point too. The color reminds me of Mr. Hanky a little. Probably not what you wanted to hear huh?

I'm going to guess that those guys had a little too much time on their

Myshka said...

Yep. Cartman. All the way. How funny! You are turning into an un-hip old man, Magee. Time to start watching some television in the 3.5 seconds you have time to do something relaxing during the day. haha. Much love xo Bink