Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Intern Strikes Back.

From June to August the Trampoline offices were graced with the creative talents of one Dylan Lindstadt, a design student at the College of Saint Rose in Albany. Dylan was a trip, and we miss his curly mop and morose death metal around here. Our day was brightened when we received the following in an email—reproduced for your viewing pleasure with additional descriptions and explanations.

Here Dylan takes creative license with Derek's five o'clock shadow, aka the Adirondack Soul Patch.

Dylan was also astute enough to notice that Sean's sunglasses spent a considerable amount of time on his head this summer, in an attempt to mask the inevitable onslaught of male pattern baldness (nobody was fooled). How observant.

Derek and Sean cop to spending a frequent amount of time checking the stats of the designtramp website. It's responsible data harvesting. Not obsession.

Noob is derived from the word 'new' it implies that you are inexperienced sometimes it is used as slang for 'you suck'.

Example: I once knew this noob named Dylan.

Again, the artist makes good use of Derek's werewolf-like appearance and Sean's beady-little rat eyes. Quite an editorial.

Let's not forget the matching beaver teeth.

Dylan makes a Christ-like appearance in a dream sequence. Very holiday apropos.

And Trina and Raeanne appear in a judgmental cameo.

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Raeanne J. Wright said...

HA HA HA! Dylan has captured, in its purist form, the true essence of Trampoline. I am literally ROFL... Nice work, NOOB. We miss you!