Monday, November 12, 2007

Alta Your Tees

Leave a comment to let us know which ones you like.


Kristy said...

The Alta collection brings back memories of my days in the ski club - we hated the snowboarders for cutting up the slopes! Ahhh the feel of fresh powder... anyway I like the '6" is so Vail' one, the 'Dump' one and the 'Anti-Snowboarder' one. The 'Anti-Snowboarder' one makes me think of the Ghostbusters Logo... I ain't 'fraid of no snow!

Are these for Alta employees, the public or both?

Derek said...

They'll be exclusively sold at Alta Ski Shop (3 locations) and targeted for the retail crowd. Although we'll know their selling real well if the employees go for them. That's how you tell if you've got a real good one!

Amanda said...

I'm partial to the red, it's the girliest of the lot...hint hint, boys.

Pogo said...


They all look good! Like the Vail hack. Brings back some memories of the dayz...The anti snowboarder ones should fly off the shelves out there!