Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not always about winning

We like to think of ourselves as nice, but the truth is, we're pretty competitive. Sometimes it's just challenging ourselves to be better, or it's competing within the studio and other times it's against other agencies. Recently we entered into our first New York State bid project.

It was a monumental undertaking for us, but felt as if something we should do. The entire Tramp team came together and worked in the most literal sense as a team, pushing, supporting, combining and executing things in a way that had the full strength of 8 different skill sets and talents.

It was intense, exciting and ultimately the single-greatest act of team-building that we have ever experienced. We are stronger, bolder and more aware of the value of each player than ever before.

All that said, we didn't get it, which kind of sucks. However, at the risk of sounding like an also-ran, the truth is, it was awesome just to compete. We can look back, feel damn proud of the creative and genuinely say, "We gave it our all."

Last Friday everyone got a little something as a way of rewarding their willingness to go above and beyond what was expected of them. Upon recounting the story to a nephew, one Tramp shared this:

So when I got home Friday Jacob said, "so how was work" in an annoying teenager tone, 'cause whenever I see him I ask him how's school. I said it was great and that actually we got a little bonus for our hard work on the state bid. Even though we didn't get it, the work and effort didn't go unnoticed. I said that it was such a nice gesture and how appreciative I was.

His response: "wait a minute, you got extra money for NOT getting a job? That's like sports teams, they lose the game but they still get paid. Not fair Aunt Amy."

We may not have a state gig, but the state of affairs here at Trampoline is this: Our team kicks ass and we are grateful for that every day.


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Sara said...

You all do fantastic work - and now you know what you need to do to get the next project!