Monday, November 2, 2009

Be Counted

UPDATED: The Crandall Library Budget passed!

We all have something from our childhood that made a difference— for some of us it's a teacher, for others it's a place. Participating in campaigns for Crandall Library is an honor for us, as we know that one day, new voices will say, "Crandall Library was my place."

In 10 months, attendance is up more than 50% over last year's total. The library has seen a 70% increase in new borrowers in the 2009. And, 1,000 children read 20,000 books in the Summer Reading Program.

Knowing that we may have had a hand in helping strengthen the potential of legacy, well, it makes us feel powerful. Try it.


Amanda said...

Already creating so many amazing memories there with our girls— I'll be showing my power and demonstrating to three little girls that their voices matter :)

Millie Rossman Kidd said...

We love our local library in Chatham. Either my husband or I meet our three kids there after school every day to do homework, let the kids socialize, etc.

It's a lifesaver in many ways, especially since the school day ends at 2:00 now. If we have a meeting that runs a bit late we know they are safe with Becky and the rest of the crew there.