Sunday, February 22, 2009

Current Events

The Fund for Lake George has put a simple statement out there to the public: Save the Streams, Save the Lake. Over half of the water in Lake George comes from streams. Streams that wind their way through clear cut construction sites, past overdeveloped parking lots and under streets crusted with salt.

The Fund and the Waterkeeper are urging the Lake George Park Commission to definitively establish a buffer zone to keep Lake George safe from pollution. While Peter Bauer, Chris Navitsky and Co. have stated that they are not anti-development, just anti-pollution, their campaign to elevate awareness of the stream buffer issue has been met with resistance from property owners in the watershed.

We'll see what the Park Commission decides. Until then, the advertorials below and the e-newsletter above should demonstrate what side of the issue we come down on.

Don't runoff without learning more. Give the Fund's Stormwater video a look. It's up on YouTube.


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