Monday, June 9, 2008

Grand Slam

The Albany Ad Club's 2008 Nori Award ceremony was held this past Friday at Joe Bruno Stadium in Troy. Baseball attire was encouraged. Whatever that means.

Trampoline hit the cycle (that's single, double, triple and home run for our non-baseball readers) taking home four NORI awards in the following categories.

Non-Profit Campaign Materials: The Legend of Crandall Public Library

html Newsletter: SaraBear Baskets

Outdoor/Transit Signage: Alta Ski Resort

Packaging: The Barnsider Smokehouse BBQ

While the event was different from year's past (held outside, burgers and dogs, work displayed in a locker room) the staff had a blast, commiserated with the creative competition at id29 and took home some hardware.

The Slaytons showed up in their Steinbrenner Best, go Yanks.

Kevin and Trina made it off the train to join us just in time.

Rae and John took a break from planning The Brave and The Kind to root for Trampoline.

Kayla and her beau Josh were appropriately embarassed by the bakers' dozen awards doled out to the St. Rose design dept.

Amy and John rushed down from an exhibit installation.

The Magees took a break from dinner-with-toddlers, and represented the Sox.

The ceremony ended abruptly when Derek turned into a werewolf and menaced the stadium.



Amanda said...

The panchos came in super handy on the drive home.

Myshka said...

I love love LOVE the "believe in magic" campaign- the poster with the fairy is magical! Maybe I have a thing for fairies (insert joke about NYC/Chelsea neighborhood). xo

Kristy said...

More Bounce, please!