Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Responsibility, it's Tree-mendous!

We like trees. Lots of them. It's hard to live and work in the Adirondack Mountains and not develop an affinity for the green giants. After all, we're surrounded by them. But our love of trees goes beyond the hikes we take with our families through the mountains in our backyard. Our love for trees has become our business.

By working with FSC-certified printers and paper companies, Trampoline is striving to eliminate habitat destruction, water pollution, the displacement of indigenous peoples, and the violence against people and wildlife often accompanying logging practices.

As a graphic design company, we are constantly dealing in paper. It not unusual for Derek or Sean to be found pacing the office, paper samples in hand debating the thickness, texture, and usability of a certain sheet for everything from business cards to the pages of an annual report. There are smooth papers, rough papers, thin papers, colored papers, and even papers made to look like the trees from which they originated- complete with grain and knots. We rely on the Forest Stewardship Council's rigorous standards to guarantee the conservation, responsible management, and community level benefits for people near the forests that provide our paper. Why? Because we want to keep these tree filled mountains for our grandchildren, because a clear cut hillside is an eyesore, and, well, it just feels good to help out mother earth every chance we get.


Derek said...

What a way to end 2007- attention on the things that count. Thanks "Treena".

Amanda said...

How lucky Mother Earth shall be when one day, Trina becomes a mom and brings into this world another tender soul.