Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Blowing dust off the blog.


Squinting eyes to reacquaint clumsy fingers with Blogger.


We've threatened before, but this time it's real. The Trampoline site is going live. We'd tell you when, but then we might have to work late. [insert eye roll]

We are, what you might call, fine tuning, albeit between author's alterations, impromptu field trips to campuses in Boston and other necessary Tramp-to-dos.

We like that you keep coming back and we regret the lack of fresh content. Stop by, there's never any shortage of freshness at the studio.

-Your Tramps


Myshka said...

THERE you are. Nice to see you again.

Kristy said...

I wondered what the Double H was going on...

Can't wait to see the new site! Did you stop by the Art Institute of Boston? :P