Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Copper Memories

A while back (seems like forever ago, management . hint-hint-nudge-nudge) we took the entire Trampoline team up to North Creek.

The goal was twofold— get everyone together in an environment that did not involve ringing phones, Krameresque disruptive visits or emails to respond to and learn more about the resort we were charged with rebranding. The Copperfield Inn has long been known in the skiing community, but has been shortchanged as far as a fun in the sun option. For us, with pool time and sunshine, it was 2 parts play and 1 part work retreat as we enjoyed firsthand the serene setting and relaxing amenities.

Having kids and spouses around made for a fun, if at times loud, experience.

We played as hard as we normally work and found that if you have the right group of people and the a great place to gather, sleep and smiles come easy and stay put until you've had your fill.

Not sure how long we'll have to wait before we can do it again, but I do know that we will.

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