Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The higher we'll bounce

January can be a grizzly month; with potent holiday hangovers, gray forecasts and general blahness pervading the workplace. Not so, here at Trampoline. We're heralding the new year with a fresh hire, a sweet return and a natural evolution.

Fresh to the Trampoline team is the seasoned and sensational Mike Sylvia. An accomplished photographer, designer and strategist, Mike has been hired as Creative Director. Officially just two days in and he is already handling accounts and clients with ease and finesse. His handling of the rest of the staff is as if he's always been with us: helpful, sincere and wickedly sarcastic at just the right moments.

Not to leave anyone out, we must also note the return of Amy Stevens from maternity leave. While we're all proud of what we managed in her absence, she takes the cake for her exquisite daughter Ellie, not to mention the speed at which she has jumped back into things taking on The Sagamore, Slurp and Burp and a few of our own little things.

After five years of working behind the scenes, pitching in, cheering on and just generally wearing whatever unpaid volunteer hat was necessary, silent-on-the-surface-partners, Paula Slayton and Amanda Magee officially joined the Trampoline team. Paula will be the face of the agency as she greets clients from her desk in the heart of the office. Managing the books and handling aspects of account management, Paula will be an agent for streamlining the Trampoline process (she also boasts an arsenal of zingers that keep us laughing and humble.)

Amanda will continue to copywrite and manage accounts, but will now be handling new business development. She'll also continue to cultivate infamy for bounding up the stairs loudly and running to every appointment.

Next up: the completion of our new website, some exciting prospects, and more of our trademark Trampoline creative.

Happy new year to your and yours.

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